Mängumaja, Little Duck's Gate NRO416

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This activity packed, home-themed Little Duck’s Gate will attract and excite toddlers again and again. Rich tactile features greatly increase play value and support emerging dramatic play in the toddlers. The scale of the house is perfectly shaped for toddlers. The desk adds to the overall transparency so that children can play together from the outside and the inside of the house and the side panel with yellow scoops that run in a groove encourages play that stimulates theory of mind and logical thinking skills. The leafy crawl-through panel encourages children to crawl and explore. These tactile activities stimulate cross-modal perception, important for improving reading skills and support cross-coordination awareness which is key to physical and cognitive development at this age.

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Pikkus 1.75
Laius 2.84
Kõrgus 2.81

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Pikkus 5.00
Laius 6.00