Maasisene batuut, Ristkülikukujuline, 100X300CM

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Bouncing on the long Jumper Rectangular is one of the most popular activities of the playground, as you can run a 3 meter path of jumping. The children will be highly attracted to the immediate response of the Jumper to their movements and jump repeatedly. The Jumper makes perfect as playground "glue", connecting activities when put together in paths. This will support games like The Ground is Lava. Jumping is a fantastic activity for motor skills such as balance, proprioception and rhythm. When jumping up and down, all big muscle groups get trained. The jumping on and off the Jumper additionally builds bone density. Bone density is primarily built during early youth, so to build strong bones for life, children should take as much weight bearing activity as they can. There are few ways funnier than the responsive Jumper. With assistance, non-motorized wheelchairs can be assisted onto the Jumper for a gently bouncing experience.

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