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Product information about "coupling railing"
The ingeniously simple, optimal system solution made from the recycling plastic hanit ® for enclosures, barriers and coupling. The plastic construction consists only of plastic posts and crossbars. The reinforced crossbars made of recycled plastic are placed in the receptacles of the previously concreted-in posts and screwed to lock. Corners and changes of direction are implemented by installing two end posts. It can be that easy to set up a coupling railing and - thanks to the hanit ® recycled plastic - to enjoy your barrier for a long time.
Typical areas of application for coupling railings made of recycled plastic are, for example, fencing systems in private and public areas, coupling railings, property delimitation, enclosures, zoos and amusement parks.

Dimensions post: 12 x 12 x 150 cm
Dimensions crossbar: 8 x 225 cm
Railing from the kit
Invested once - benefits in the long term
Ideal for animal enclosures
Can be combined in many ways

Attention: When using it as a railing, observe the relevant regulations.


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