Privaatsusekraan 2+4+2m

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Product information about "privacy screen"
The backbone of our privacy protection system made of recycled plastic hanit ® are reinforced plastic posts, which are designed as field posts, corner posts or end posts and covered with a pole cap. Tongue and groove boards are inserted into these stable, pre-grooved supports made of recycled plastic. The lower board is stabilized and guided with a central support. This makes it easy to set up highly variable privacy screens with the well-known advantages of our hanit ® recycled plastic .
Typical areas of application for privacy screens made of recycled plastic are, for example, fencing systems in private and public areas, terraces, commercial and industrial areas, residential areas, container parking spaces, playgrounds and sports facilities as well as private properties.

Field length: 200 cm (axial dimension)
Field height: 195 cm (15 x tongue and groove boards)
Perfect system with field, corner and end posts
Easy construction
Maintenance free
Privacy screen that can be seen


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