Barjäär, 2800 mm.

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Product information to "Barrier"
Some areas need subtle protection from unwanted footfall or traffic, without blocking the area off completely. Our barriers help steer individuals and groups towards preferred routes and keep traffic going in the right direction. Good looking, effective, long-lasting and maintenance-free. Thanks to the internal steel reinforcement the new hanit® crossbar is even more robust. It offers a sufficient and valuable barrier for many years.

Length of post: Depending on the model 95 or 150 cm
Length of crossbar: 280 cm
Diameter: 12 cm
More stability thanks to reinforced crossbars
Easy assembly
Sturdy and durable
Blocking without closing off
No maintenance costs

The saddle top posts are concreted into place about 50 cm deep with an inside spacing of 160 cm; the cross-member is placed onto these. Next, the cross-members and posts are bolted into place from underneath.


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