Punutud privaatsusekraan, 1800 mm.

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Product information on "Braided privacy screen"
A privacy screen increases the quality of life and protects your private area from prying eyes. On the other hand, you can hide many things behind a privacy screen that nobody wants to see, such as garbage cans or garden tools. The modern hanit ® braided privacy screen is visually reminiscent of wooden or hazelnut braided fences, but without their many disadvantages, such as rotting, high maintenance costs, pollutants when painting or varnishing, risk of injuries from splinters. hanit ® braided privacy screen elements are robust, environmentally friendly and easy to care for and also impress with their attractive appearance. It is available in two designs: HAZEL, with a wickerwork of round bars, or RIBBON, with a wickerwork of flat ribbons.

Width: 150 cm
Height: 180 cm
With round or flat wickerwork
Easy construction
Maintenance-free and splinter-free
Decorative wind and privacy protection

For the erection of a privacy fence, we recommend our reinforced posts 9 x 9 cm with bevel as well as two square posts 4 x 4 cm with point per field as central supports. Please note our installation recommendation.


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