Jalgtee plank (keele ja soonega), libisemiskindel

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Product information to "Footpath plank (with tongue & groove)"
Due to the tongue and groove design, hanit® footpath planks have a very high load capacity. They’re ideal for projects near water: jetties, boardwalks, moorings, docks, bridges, steps and even floating diving platforms! They are water resistant (even to salt water), durable, anti-slip, easy to install, non-toxic and contain no hazardous preservatives. Also available with reinforcement.

Lengths: 100 to 300 cm
Profile measurement: 4 x 17 cm
Stable and safe
Slip resistant finish

Products exceeding 200 cm in length, are packed on double pallets. Packaging units are for guidance only and are no order requirements. Please note our installation recommendation when doing the installation.


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