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Product information to "Compact bench board"
Our Compact bench board is wide enough to be used as a single plank. It works well as a replacement for old wooden boards or to create new seating opportunities, e.g. on low walls, plinths, stones or gabions.

Length: 200 cm
Back board width: 27.5 cm
Seat board width: 40 cm
Back board thickness: 6.5/5.5 cm
Seat board thickness: 7.5/6.5 cm
With internal reinforcement
Assemble with maximum support distance of 130 cm

Assemble Compact style bench planks with a maximum support distance of 130 cm. Please refer to the assembly instructions for the fasteners. Packaging units are intended for information only. There are no order requirements. Products exceeding 200 cm in length, are packed on double pallets.