Post, rist-profiil 2400 mm, hall

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Product information about "cross profile"
The permanent fence post that lasts forever. The cross profile made of recycled plastic does not rot or weather. The recycling product is UV-resistant and dimensionally stable. In addition, the plastic cross profiles can be processed in the same way as products made of wood, without special tools. Your fence is up and running in no time - and stands and stands and stands ...
Typical areas of application for the cross profiles made of recycled plastic are, for example, pasture fences, game protection fences, paddocks, animal enclosures, farm meadows, plant cultures, marker posts, tree posts, signs, information boards or other fences.

Lengths: from 150 to 240 cm
Profile dimensions: 7 x 7 cm
Water neutral
Moisture Resistant
Maintenance free
Long service life

Packaging units are for guidance only. There are no order specifications. If the product is longer than 200 cm, it is packed on double pallets.


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