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Product information for "U-Profile"
As a construction material, our U-profiles made of hanit® recycled plastic ensure systematic edging. The recycling U-profiles can, for example, be placed on normal profiles (cavity dimensions: 13 cm wide, 12 cm high) and connected to them in such a way that no screw connections are visible from above. We offer a sandpit edging made from our recycled plastic U-profiles as a complete assembly set (see chapter Equipping and furnishing playgrounds) - you will never lose your composure!
Typical areas of application for U-profiles made of plastic are, for example, the design of green spaces, sandpit edging, playground construction, bedding and garden design.

Lengths: 150 and 300 cm
Profile dimensions: 16 x 24 cm
Available as a standard (open on both sides) and end piece (closed on one side)
Low weight, easy installation
Convincing system

Packaging units are for guidance only. There are no order specifications. If the product is longer than 200 cm, it is packed on double pallets.


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