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Product information to "Namib sandbox"
The Namib is the classic sandbox: square, a solid base and a wide sitting edge. There’s lots of space for kids to play and let their imaginations run free. There’s no need to worry about splinters, rusty edges or even harmful chemicals – hanit® is completely non-toxic and free from hazardous preservatives. Available in four sizes.

Previous name: Sandbox SR
Squares: In square, 200, 300, 400 and 500 cm respectively
Height: 31 cm
Side profiles: 9 x 9 cm
Seat rest: 4 x 19 cm
The classic sandbox

Side profile: 9 x 9 cm. Seat rest: 4 x 19 cm. Dimensions: Outside edge of seat rest. Delivered as a kit excluding base. Other dimensions available on request.


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