Linnak Balbina 30023B

Tootekood: 30023B Hind: Küsi pakkumust

Balbina set is one of the most complex proposals from our offer. 11 towers, connected with bridges and rope tunnels, movable accommodation ladders and ladders makes set’s elements exploring interesting to every game participant. The set is equipped in interactive elements, that guarantees that its users won’t get bored, and communal entertainment will become an occasion of integrating with peers. The devices from ecologic collection are characterized by futuristic shapes of roofs, barriers and refills made of HDPE . The set construction is made from glue laminated wood, painted in nut-brown colour.

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Pikkus 10.70
Laius 8.47
Kõrgus 3.90
Kriitiline kukkumiskõrgus 2.00

Turvaala EN1176:

Pikkus 15.00
Laius 12.00