Lukas 3, 10073-3C

Tootekood: 10073-3C Hind: Küsi pakkumust

Set Lukas is an interesting agility equipment, present in 4 versions. The third one consists of arched rope playset, fire pipe, front steps, slide and tower with roof. As a product from the classic collection is available in 2 glued pinewood. Accomodating Your diverse needs of completing the set with roofs or barriers, which are available in HDPE of high quality. The slides are made of stainless steel.

Toote dokumendid:


Pikkus 4.33
Laius 2.30
Kõrgus 3.40
Kriitiline kukkumiskõrgus 1.75

Turvaala EN1176:

Pikkus 8.00
Laius 5.50