Mängumaja Trader PCE503

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The Trader, with its fine enclosed play space, is an opportunity for quieter play. The panels support sand play and the funnels transporting sand stimulate the object permanence understanding in the child and the fact, that although you don’t see something, like sand in a pipe, it is still there. The sand scoop panel adds activities for fine motor skills, but also trains logical thinking. When positioned correctly sand can be shifted from one scoop to the next. The fun side panel invites shifting things through holes, but also adds a low climb-and-crawl over activity, creating two spaces: the inside and outside. The three sides have different heights, generating varied points for social interaction. The Trader can be played by many children, on the inside as well as outside.

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Pikkus 1.79
Laius 1.76
Kõrgus 3.03

Turvaala EN1176:

Pikkus 5.00
Laius 4.50