Turbo Challenge NRO884

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School aged children report in surveys, that they really enjoy spinning and rotating movements. From the climbing bars the children can access and travel the two horizontal handholds of the Turbo Challenge spinners in their arms, in a turning movement from the one to the other. Many children can spin together in one wheel, when hanging in their arms. Some will even hang in their knees and some will jump up from, and jump down to, the ground. Apart from being stomach-tickling, fun rough-and-tumble play, the Turbo Challenge stimulates all areas of physical development: the children’s motor skills, particularly their proprioception and sense of balance, their muscles: arms, legs, core; their bone density from jumping off. Furthermore, the social-emotional skills are encouraged as the children cooperate, hang closely together, help each other up and down or just make fun competitions on the tow Turbo Challenge rings.


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