Vedrukiik 2-kohaline Hopper ELE400022

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The Hopper with its round bodies and vibrant colors invite children to try out the rocking experience. Due to the many body positions and play possibilities invited through the design, children will play for a long time and come back again and again. The platform in the middle makes a nice entrance point for sitting, lying or standing while rocking the others. Or, while being rocked by them. The rounded seats and foot- and handholds allow children to give it a good go. Rocking on the Hopper is a different seesaw experiences, as the springs allows for users of different weights and abilities to play and cooperate. Seesaws are great for cooperative play: the child needs to consider the rhythm of the other players' movement to make seesawing work. This is a great trainer of cooperation and consideration. Furthermore, children with e.g. autism get a chance for social play in a secure framework.


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Turvaala EN1176:

Pikkus 5.50
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