Kiik CocoWave Pendulum Swing

Tootekood: NRO915 Hind: Küsi pakkumust

The size and appearance of the Robinia Cocowave Pendulum Swing is an irresistible invitation for all children to play. With its robust, oblong coconut rope, the Robinia Cocowave Pendulum Swing allows for swinging from a seated, lying or standing position. The thrill of swinging ? mildly or wildly ? is for bigger groups, of different sizes, ages and physical abilities. It takes teamwork to make the swing move, and this stimulates important social-motional skills. Apart from being fun, swinging on the Coco-wave swing also trains muscles and impor-tant motor skills, such as balance, coordination and sense of space. These are important to train vestibular skills that matter profoundly for e.g. navigating traffic safely. The tickling, challenging feeling of speed and height stimulates children's sel- esteem, risk management and other important social-emotional life skills.


Pikkus 5.62
Laius 1.75
Kõrgus 3.84
Kriitiline kukkumiskõrgus 1.92

Turvaala EN1176:

Pikkus 11.50
Laius 3.50