Play & Learn Blackboard NRO610

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The Robinia Play & Learn Blackboard is a great creativity attractor, that children return to again and again. It appeals to children's dramatic play, e.g. playing school. It also stimulates creativity in drawing. Due to the two sides of the blackboard bigger groups can draw together, e.g. in an outdoor classroom. The richness in tactile detail with acabus, clock, bell and number board train the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordi-nation . The clock stimulates the under-standing of time and measures. The clock makes it possible to leave a mark with sound, which trains the logical thinking skills of the youngest. The clock & bell are used intensely in dramatic play in play tests. The number board inspired play-counting. Drawing and play-writing were essential parts of the blackboard play. Play-school games are known to stimulate children's interest in learning and readiness for school.


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