Tegeluspaneel, "School", PCM0034

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The School Play Panel 4 is a richly stimulating play invitation for young children. The multiple, varied play events will make them return to the panels again and again. The panel with play scoops can be used from both sides and materials can be transported and shifted, which is great training of logical thinking skills for young children. The blackboard panel with abacus and peephole is great for training fine motor skills and invites playing school. Dramatic play is a great stimulation of language and communication skills. The Tic-Tac-Toe panel appeals to older children who train strategic thinking when playing games with rules. The Climb through and See through panel presents two very popular activities: crawling through and peeping through. The cross-coordination trained when crawling and climbing is a fundament for children's understanding of space, shapes and measures and ultimately mathematics. The bubble window distorts back children's voices when they speak into it. That will keep them coming back repeatedly, for more fun games with friends.

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