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The Emotions Play Panels immensely attract young children with their variation of rich, responsive play textures. The sense of touch is hugely stimulated with the Conveyor belt. The tactile stimulation, apart from being deeply satisfying for children, stimulate their fine motor and language abilities. So does the thematic character of the play panel: there is a watch to the one side of the Conveyor Belt, and a Shop window that can be open and closed with curtains. This inspires playing shop or other dramatic play scenarios, that stimulate communication, language and social-emotional development. The mirror is there to assist the shop assistant in looking okay, and looking behind his shoulders, too. KOMPAN Play Institute analysis shows the mirror as an immensely attractive activity for young children, developing their understanding of themselves as individuals, as well as their social-emotional skills. The binoculars make possible a view of the playground.


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Pikkus 5.00
Laius 4.00

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CO2 emissioon kokku 110.70
CO e/kg 1.68
Taaskasutatud materjalid 75.50 %