Loss Castle Outpost Tower with Roof & Track Ride PCM112800

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The Castle Outpost Tower with Track Ride offers varied physical and social play, with dare devil as well as socializing activities. The inclined climbing net of the tower supports a fast climb up to the platform, from which the Track Ride begins. Gliding through the air on a wire is immense fun. The Track Ride allows for the weightless feeling of gliding at the speed, you can make, through the air. Trained children will be able to glide to the end of the rail and with their body coordination make a flip that speed them back up the trail to the platform, going backwards. For those who stop halfway back, or at the end, a handhold allows them to pass the glider back to the next in line on the platform. A step up from the platform the child has access to the Fireman’s pole offering a stomach-tickling ride to the ground level. The Fireman’s pole can also be accessed via the curves climbing net: a challenging and fun climb that demands full concentration and focus on cross-coordination, balance and muscles. On ground level of the castle a desk, slime door and a jail create a good play.


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