Liivakast, PCM503

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This appealing sandpit invites children to play with friends or alone for long periods of time. Thanks to the five coloured seats or tables, the play gets diversity: the children have a firm plate to place sand tools and sand creations on. Carers have seats, and more parents can be seated facing the sandbox. This is a well-known facility to enable longer stays. The additional four seats give children the possibility of creating each their space, from where they can have their home, their shop, their workshop. Sand invites deep play. The changeable character of sand from when dry to when wet fascinates children. It additionally trains their tactile sense and understanding of material character and nature phenomena. These are important life skills that help the child understand the surrounding world. In short, sand play shapes motor skills and cognition.

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Pikkus 2.25
Laius 2.15
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Pikkus 5.50
Laius 5.50