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The Sandworks is an immensely attractive sand play unit that will absorbe children in play for hours and hours. The crane is worked by pulling the chain. The sand bucket will go up or down or all around, but it will stay put when the chain is let go of. This, apart from providing fascinating sand play, is a great training of children's logical thinking skills. The negotiation and cooperation to get sand to and from the sand table develops social-emotional skills. The sand table's sieve and tube lead sand away, training young children's understanding of object permanence: that things can still exist when out of sight. The sand bucket and showel adds a quieter sand play corner. The platform is open and can be accessed in multiple ways, allowing for all users to play.

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Pikkus 2.54
Laius 2.43
Kõrgus 2.17

Turvaala EN1176:

Pikkus 6.00
Laius 5.50