Vee-ja liivamäng Mermaids Fountain M590

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The curved blue roof of the Mermaid's Fountain, which can be seen from afar, tempts children to join in the game. Playing with water is a fascinating pastime and with just a light touch of the button, children can start the fountain. The water sparkles down into a red swivel basin and through the funnel down into waiting hands, or into watering cans and buckets. The water can be poured into the cone-shaped funnel where it splashes into a long channel. From here the water goes through a pipe down to a lower level, finishing in a detachable basin. By means of the swivel funnel children can have hours of fun, transferring the water back and forth between the basin and the funnel, and the never-ending game can start all over again.

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Pikkus 2.15
Laius 1.53
Kõrgus 1.60

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Pikkus 5.50
Laius 4.50