Vee- ja liivamängulaud, Mermaids Fountain PCM504

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The Mermaid’s Fountain has vivid, warm colors which attract children again and again. The richness of tactile activities to be explored invites deep play and makes the child want to stay and play for a long time and revisit, again and again. The basin table levels support explorative social play across ages and abilities. All children can see the other children playing, get inspired and keep contact with one another. The yellow basin can be emptied by pulling the black water stoppers. Children will do this again and again to watch the water running out from underneath the basin. The red water tub with dispenser is placed at the side to be accessible for all. It works by pushing, making it possible for all to tap the water. The red basin can be turned to supply water in all directions. There is ample table space, allowing for creative play with sand and water. With the proper surfacing, the piece can be used and accessed by all.


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Kõrgus 2.15

Turvaala EN1176:

Pikkus 5.00
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