Treeningvahend Stairs & ramp FSW229

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The stair and ramp resembles some common everyday obstacles. Walking on an inclining slope and overcoming stairs. The simplest use is just walking back and forth on the module, but with variations in the task, specific skills can be trained. For example focusing on balance by walking without hand support or focusing on strength and mobility by deliberately using as long steps a possible. The stairs are available in two different versions: normal stairs or steep stairs. These can also be used for simple effective exercises like step-ups and lunges. The ability to walk safely on an inclining or declining slope is very important for the elderly. If body posture is not correctly aligned with the surface, the risk of falling is increased. With support from the rails, this skill can be trained in a safe environment.


Pikkus 4.15
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Turvaala EN1176:

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