Lastele, School gym - Kids Circles, OFK-03 wheels

Tootekood: OFK-03 Hind: Küsi pakkumust

Manufacturer of a children's gym

Desriptionc:  A two-station device, because children like to play in pairs the most. Exercising on tai chi wheels is, above all, great fun. As in the case of exercises on other devices, also here the child learns new possibilities of movement of his body. He learns to control the movements, controlling their volume and speed. It exercises the upper muscles. It improves the efficiency of the upper limbs and the muscles of the shoulder girdle. An excellent general development exercise.

How to use:  
1. Grasp the small wheels with both hands and turn left or right.
2. Grab the large wheel with one hand and rotate it left or right.

Exercise difficulty: Easy

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