Treeningkompleks, Runner + Pylon + Elliptical, OFC-02, OFC-05

Tootekood: OFC-02_OFC-05 Hind: Küsi pakkumust

OFC-02 runner

Device Category:
Blood Circulation, Coordination.

Training effect:
Training the muscles of the legs and hips. It helps to improve the sense of balance. It imitates running motion with minimal stress on the joints.

How to use:
Place both feet on the pedals and grasp the handle firmly. Move your legs back and forth. Two people can use the device at the same time.

OFC-05 elliptical cross trainer

Device Category:

Training effect: General development
training for large parts of the muscles of the upper and lower body. A large number of repetitions affects the shaping of the figure. Additionally, it improves motor coordination.

How to use:
Stand on the pedals and grasp both handles firmly with your hands. Move your legs back and forth while helping your hands take turns pulling and pushing the sticks.

Exercise difficulty: Easy

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