Linnak Four tower w/ net bridges, wood posts & plastic slide KPL400601

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Children know immediately that this unit is for play: The four tower play structure from SIMPLY Play meets the fundamental play wishes of children with its variety of well-known, favourite play activities. The user age of the piece is wide, as activities progress from lower to higher level. The climbing wall access and stair access are looped by a climb tunnel, the big net leads to the slide, and a levelled bridge leads to the platform with fireman's pole. This play variety is a guarantee for hours and days of play and children returning for more. The level changes and inclinations of the structure train the child's sense of balance and spatial awareness. These are crucial for judging distances and managing traffic safely. The slide and fireman's pole offer thrilling rides, training the spatial awareness. So, while being great fun, this unit also stimulates child development. Through play.


Pikkus 5.11
Laius 3.37
Kõrgus 3.04
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Turvaala EN1176:

Pikkus 8.00
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