Linnak, Little Beaver's Stream NRO2013

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The Little Beaver’s Stream is an intriguing flow of toddler play, bound to attract toddlers again and again. With its density of activities, the Little Beaver’s Stream is an activity packed ground level accessible play unit that offers a richness of home-themed play which excites toddlers. Rich tactile features greatly increase play value and support bot the retention and the emerging dramatic play in the toddlers. We know this from various KOMPAN Play Institute studies from the tests of these pieces. The scale of the Little Beaver’s Stream is perfectly shaped for toddlers. The desk adds to the overall playability and gives a quieter meeting point at the accessible stairway. The steering wheel and desk with rollers invite dramatic play and have high attraction as they can be shifted and touched. This stimulates language development and logical thinking skills. The curved bridge stimulates the sense of balance and space, when toddlers feel high up and balance the curved floor. The bridge additionally inspires numerous games of being above, below, over and under, which again informs a spatial awareness which builds the fundament for mathematical skills: higher than and lower than. The lovely slide is looped greatly with the transfer platform, allowing for easy assistance for less mobile users. The transparency of the Little Beaver’s Stream works wonders for the overall communication and cooperation with friends across and from inside to outside, supporting turn-taking and cooperation skills. Dramatic play supports language skills, and this units welcomes the first try-outs of dramatic play with its many details and fun corners.

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Pikkus 4.97
Laius 4.54
Kõrgus 2.81
Kriitiline kukkumiskõrgus 1.00

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Pikkus 8.00
Laius 8.00