Linnak, Maker with shade PCE2056

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Wow! The Maker is a fantastic structure loaded with play, sure to attract children who will want to stay for long playtimes, and return again and again. The play is not only thrilling and challenging but will support children's development in all areas. Sliding supports physical skills such as balance and spatial awareness. Sliding on the double slide makes for fun, social play. Climbing the membrane climber supports strength and cross-coordination, important skills for physical as well as intellectual development. The varied climbing opportunities provide variety and challenge. Social play is widely supported, especially in the ground level sand play corner with talking tubes and sand funnel. Cognitive and physical play go together in such features as the curly climber and the music panel. Lots of fun for lots of Wow!

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Pikkus 7.07
Laius 5.51
Kõrgus 4.00

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Pikkus 10.50
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