Triple Tower with Wackle Bridge, Physical, Plastic Slides, Inclusion PCM310903

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This activity magnet is for intense rough-and-tumble and social play. With its ample space for socializing, its play variation and inclusive elements, the Triple Tower motivate all children to hours of up-scaled play together. The three connected towers invite group play on elevated as well as. ground level, allowing for all abilities to join in the play . The platforms are attractive destinations, that can be accessed by accessible stairway, wobbly links and varied climbing nets. The varied egresses provide variation in thrill. The wackle bridge is a team activity, stimulating balance and social play. The play variety tick the boxes for Agility, Balance and Coordination, fundamental to e.g. navigate traffic safely. It provides muscle training of core, legs and arms. The sensory details stimulate thinking skills. Meeting corners encourage socializing. A formula to make children play on and on.


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Laius 5.00
Kõrgus 4.10
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Turvaala EN1176:

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