MEGA Double Tower, Ultimate, ADA Stairs PCM200410

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This huge PCM Mega Deck structure with house worlds of versatile play on elevated and ground levels, for all children and for numerous children. It offers worlds of versatile play on elevated and ground level. For the Mega Deck platform with roof, varied accesses are provided: an accessible stairway with space for an assistant and for a break if needed, an inclined climbing wall with supportive smiley steps, adding another variant of entering the platform. Once on the platform, there is room for many and a good view of the surrounding. The Tic-Tac-Toe game is a nice pastime. The platform can be left via the double slide which allows for two users. Under the platform a nice bench and counter invites a break ? or a table surface. An alternative way out the Mega Deck platform is a climb into the great U-net, a huge net hammock supporting climbing and swaying in numerous ways, allowing for lying and being swayed as well. 


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