Linnak KOMPAN Little Mermaid and Tinderbox with Castle MSC6432

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The climbing wall and easy access invite climbers to choose their own way to reach the top. The climbing wall challenges children's problem solving abilities and is suitable for different skill levels - the left side is an easier route than the right. There is a fun slide leaving from the ship side and on balcony on the other side children can quickly slide down the fireman’s pole descending from the castle. Children will be delighted to find to different shelters underneath the structure, one where they can look out of the pearl window or play within the jail house at the other end of the structure also having a little bench. The bench can be used as a counter for constructive play or as a place to just sit. The Little Mermaid facade holds numerous amounts of manipulative elements like a crab that catches a starfish, gearing water flowers, and also tactile elements like rubber eel and Mermaid tail. On the other side with the Tin Soldier the children will also have a huge number of tactile and manipulative features like rubber roots which gives access to the shelter below the structure. A moveable padlock makes it possible to lock and unlock the jail house. A treasure chest with coins can be open and closed and next to the chest there is a witch with a tactile stick. The play structure is supported with a climbing net anchored up with a smaller tower with roof. This connection extends the play variety and invites more players. The climbing journey starts at the straight climbing wall of the little tower with a slide. More climbing means coping with a 3 dimensional net, followed by a net section with a challenging pattern. After entering the single structure, the choice is: take the Fireman’s pole out or climb down the slanting climbing wall - forwards or backwards.

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Pikkus 7.43
Laius 4.49
Kõrgus 3.69
Kriitiline kukkumiskõrgus 1.93

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Pikkus 10.50
Laius 8.00