Urban Play Tower with Turbo Challenge, Physical, Steel Slide PCM210503

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This fun unit offers a variety of rotating, turning and somersaulting and varied sliding after having climbed to the platform. From the lower platform, the children can access and travel the two Turbo Challenge spinners in their arms, in a turning movement from the one to the other. Some will even hang in their knees and some will jump up from, and jump down to, the ground. Next to the Turbo Challenge is a somersault bar, which may also serve as a seat for spectators. From the platform, which can be accessed by differently spaced levels, or a sturdy steel rung ladder, a rotating turn to the ground via the Curly Climber, or, a more traditional slide down awaits the players.


Pikkus 6.07
Laius 3.77
Kõrgus 3.54
Kriitiline kukkumiskõrgus 2.04

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Pikkus 9.50
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