Linnak Ramp Structure, Ultimate ADA PCM103010

Tootekood: PCM103010 Hind: Küsi pakkumust

This great play unit stretches its opening arms out creating four spaces that invite children of all abilities to come play. Thanks to the rich variety of play events, they will, again and again and for a long time. The ramp takes the child to a series of appealing tactile activities: rattle sound spheres in grooves, vertically and horizontally spinning items, tic-tac-toe. These can be used from both inside and outside of the unit, inviting social interaction across. The all stimulate logical thinking and language skills. The climbing wall takes cross-coordination, fundamental for later reading skills. The slide is fun and train risk-taking. The last part of the unit is as fascinating: the two hammocks invite parallel play, toddlers’ first social skills play. The great music  panel makes sound and tonality, supporting logical thinking and creativity.