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Linnak Tomek 20001BM

Tootekood: 20001BM Hind: Küsi pakkumust

Set Tomek is a multifunctional device, aimed at children in diverse age, which is composed of a et for horizontal ladder, bow bridge, movable bridge, fire pipe, entrance accommodation ladder, a set for the overhead kicks, a slide and towers. The devices from that collection are characterized with futuristic shapes of roofs, barriers and refills made of waterproof plywood or plastic HDPE of high quality.

Toote dokumendid:



Pikkus 5.88
Laius 4.14
Kõrgus 3.20
Kriitiline kukkumiskõrgus 1.70

Turvaala EN1176:

Pikkus 9.50
Laius 7.50