Hamadryad Trail

Tootekood: CRP252101 Hind: Küsi pakkumust

WOW! The Hamadryad Trail attracts children instantly with its looping, varied range of thrilling, responsive challenges. The trail attracts children of all ages to play, again and again. The transparent design makes it possible to watch each other through the structure and get inspired for new tricks and movements. The nets act as a big trim trail and encourage games such as "the ground is made of lava". The responsive swaying and bouncing activities call for concentrated movement, adjusting for different rhythms of climbing. Navigating through the structure intensely trains agility, balance and coordination, the ABC of motor skills, in a fun way. These motor skills are fundamental for body confidence and ultimately for the ability to concentrate and sitting still. The horizontal nets and membranes invite socializing and being active together. This is the favourite way of older children to connect, communicate and cooperate, and make friendships for life.

This product, Hamadryad Trail (CRP252101), is provided by KOMPAN International Sales.


Pikkus 19.16
Laius 13.69
Kõrgus 2.87
Kriitiline kukkumiskõrgus 2.70

Turvaala EN1176:

Pikkus 22.50
Laius 17.50

Keskonnasõbralik toode:

CO2 emissioon kokku 5676.50
CO e/kg 3.67
Taaskasutatud materjalid 40.50 %