Double Cableway Robinia - Sloped Surroundings

Tootekood: NRO880 Hind: Küsi pakkumust

The double cableway adds a competitive and cooperative element to the cableway, amping up the intensity of play. The cableways are app. 33 meters long with a ride of 25 meters. Stopping device ensuring a soft landing. Gliding on the cableway, whether it be seated or standing, is a stomach tickling experience that appeals to children of all ages. It is hugely fun rough-and-tumble play, and the greatly shaped seats and handholds also supports the pulling of the cableway seat. Apart from being great fun, the cableway also trains fundamental social-emotional skills such as turn-taking, cooperation and empathy, when the children hand back the seat to the next user in line or pull their younger siblings half up the slope to slow down the speed of the ride. The physical training of the cableway covers most needs: the leg, arm and core muscles are trained from holding tight, pushing, pulling, the bone density is stimulated by jumping off, the condition trained by running and the motor skills, especially the sense of space, is trained when gliding fast through the open air. Doing that in cooperation or competition with the child on the next cableway adds immensely to the joy and speed.


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Laius 5.12
Kõrgus 3.97
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Turvaala EN1176:

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