Ronila Cubite with add-ons

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The Cubite with Add-Ons is an immense three-dimensional rope environment that thrills children again and again. The variety in climbing ensures hours of play: the bouncy interconnected ropes of the Cubite add thrill: the child can feel its own and all the friends' movements when climbing. At this height that means risk assessment and concen-tration. The twisted Jacob's ladders are a challenge: when on the 2nd step, the child needs to use all of its movement logic to master climbing onwards. The steel frame is a destination in its own right, offering a break or a meeting point. The membranes add a fast, bouncy way to the top and function as destination and meeting points at the same time. Social interaction and stimulation of cooperation is encouraged here. The bouncy climbing membrane adds variation in climbing. And all is transparent facilitating communication across the net.

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