Surfer, Optic

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The Optic Surfer is a novel sensory activity: a place for visual amazement, wonder and logical thinking which attract children for a break. There are three different moiré effects and two dichroic panels. The moiré panels fascinate with their patterns that look different from the first glance and to the focused look at them. Children report that they get curious about the reason for the patterns behaving differently, and not least they debate why not everyone can see the patterns. This makes for negotiation, explaining and helping others out, a great training in cooperation and team- work that supports these skills in school. The dichroic panels intrigue children with their colour changes, highly depending on the surrounding lights. The rainbow colours throw colourful shadows on the ground and light up friends faces with their colour-changing reflections. The optic panels of the Surfer make children wonder, think and seek explanations for the phenomena they register.

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