Võrkronila, Butterfly, Double

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The Butterfly Double is a transparent, social climbing magnet for children. The elegantly curved wings and their twisted climbs invite climbing try-outs again and again. The blue membranes accentuate the shapes and climbing journeys possible and add a central meeting spot in the intriguing climb-scape. There are rich physical challenges in climbing the twisted nets or accessing faster via the Curved Climbers.  Climbing the Butterfly trains cross-coordination and balancing techniques, which stimulate the child’s  ability to control movements, and ultimately to move confidently through the world. Thanks to the transparency of the Butterfly nets, the children can see each other and communicate across the Butterfly, and from ground level to top. On ground level communication is made possible across the ground with the talking tubes, a highly intriguing play detail for children. Two blue, swaying Loops invite fun meetings, two, four or more together. For the sense of wonder, three Optic Panels inspire talks thanks to the moiree effect patterns: they look different depending on how children focus, which adds to talks and logical thinking skills.

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