Võrkronila, Sensory Dome

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Children get a kick from the Sensory Dome: thrills, chills and wonderous optic phenomena in a friendly, fun sensory playscape. The Sensory Dome features a rich variety of novel play activities that intrigue, retain and develop children of all abilities in play. This makes the Sensory Dome a uniquely intense play space to wonder, feel, move and make friends. The huge nets are suspended vertically as well as horizontally to cater for climbs that are thrilling and meeting points for chilling. The age-appropriate training of muscles and motor skills when crawling, climbing and navigating through the net-scapes of the Dome provide children with important play benefits such as strength, stability and confidence in moving. On the very top of the Dome, a grassy-surface meeting point offers a bouncy, fun-to-touch space to rest. On ground level, varied nets sway when children climb above, creating playful movement and a sense of unity in players. The transparency of the Sensory Dome makes it a play unit for intense cooperation, consideration and communication across levels and activities. On ground level, every activity is accessible and makes sense for all abilities. Inclined nets offer varied climbing and lying. Novel net-rolls add to the play experience with sensory stimulating feels when lying or roller-gliding lying on the back or stomach. A swaying, blue Loop is suspended to the nets and reflects the movements of the friends climbing the nets above. The optic panels create a sense of wonder with their moiré-like visual effects, which encourage logical thinking. Thanks to their differently coloured sides, the vertically suspended rollers allow children to create their own patterns and signals which encourage creativity. The multi-levelled, varied activities of the Sensory Dome intensely train crucial motor skills and major muscles in a fun way. Motor skills such as cross-coordination and balance build the capability to move confidently and securely through the world.

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