Ronila Draco GXY943

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With its quirky angles and shapes, DRACO attracts adventurous play explorations in 6-12yearolds. They will return again and again due to the play variation: The curved climbing wall invites a challenging climb to the top and a bouncy play shell seat or the swaying overhead bridge. The open triangle plate invites a swaying climb up or down, or a nice seat. The Stabile invites climbing through, up and down. The wide variety of climb, bounce, sway and hang activities of the Meteor Shower link ensure play capacity. The combination of swaying, bouncy, sturdy climbs intensely train the child's agility, balance and coordination, all important motor skills for e.g. navigating traffic safely. The muscles are strengthened intensely from crawling, climbing and holding tight. The many meeting points with bouncy, swaying seats facilitate cooperation and turn-taking, social-emotional skills easily learned in play.


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