Ronila, Stratus Cloud

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With three peaks - and almost 9m high - the Stratus Cloud spreads out its climbing landscape.

The space on top is for softly bouncing walks and crawls, and in the centre is placed an amazing hang-out net with rollers. 

Underneath, the structure holds a wide range of dynamic activities, like three sets of Sturdy Drops and liana ropes and stepping pods.

Best of all is that the inside of the Stratus Cloud is literally a whole playground in itself. Bouncy and packed with fun activities, like the fantastic swaying and turning Sturdy Drops, made of EDPM like the discs, available in all custom colours. The interior space can be entered via the tunnels around each support post and by the three access nets.

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Pikkus 24.27
Laius 25.70
Kõrgus 8.55
Kriitiline kukkumiskõrgus 3.00