Ronila Aldebaran GXY941

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Awesome play motivation in a cool, transparent framework draws the attention of bigger children. Their curiosity is rewarded when they explore the play moves of Enif. The challenging climb, balance and sway-journey through responding climbing surfaces, are highly challenging. The route can be altered endlessly, so children will want to outperform previous attempts. The varied climbing options at the ends offer extra challenge. The wobbly climbing events in the link of Aldebaran train the child's motor skills ABC: Agility, Balance and Coordination. Muscles are strengthened immensely when conquering the rocking tube. The Jacob's ladder's twisted shape is a special challenge of coordination as well as logical thinking. The play shells at both ends are wonderful, wobbly meeting places that support socialemotional skills, such as turn-taking and socializing: Life skills condensed in play.


Pikkus 9.32
Laius 4.27
Kõrgus 2.65
Kriitiline kukkumiskõrgus 2.57

Turvaala EN1176:

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Laius 8.00