Ronila, Cumulus Cloud

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Based on our many years of experience in engineering and manufacturing the coromesh technology, the Cumulus Cloud is designed as a structure made of two individual pulled up and the other pulled down. 

This creates three captivating levels of play: one underneath, one on top - and the very best: a unique play space inside. This space even has an additional comfortable net suspended as an extra layer for more play and social activities.

Right at the top there is an outlook hang-out for an elevated view from the top of the play structure. Numerous play features are placed along the main steel frame adding to the fun. These options include hanging pods, visual plates, EPDM balls, liana ropes with discs and an access ladder to climb onto and into the cloud.

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Pikkus 12.12
Laius 11.80
Kõrgus 4.25
Kriitiline kukkumiskõrgus 3.00