Agility trail 9 NRO854

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The Parkour 4 is a hugely appealing play piece. Exactly what 6-12 year olds want: a trim trail that's fun. The variation in climbing, crawling and balancing activities will make children come back again and again. The many inclined, twisted and vertical nets and the different mesh directions make great play challenges. Climbing or crawling up, down and through the big meshes hugely stimulates coordination and proprioception. Both are skills necessary to navigate the world surely and achieving physical confidence. The lovely rubber seating points, the inclined beams are great for meeting and exchanging. Their bouncy or inclined charac-ter make them a constant balance and muscle trainer, even when seated. When climbing through the Parkour 4 children train their cooperation and turn-taking skills. Hard to teach them, but easily learned in play.


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